Importance of Trust Administration

Proper administration by the successor trustee is essential to carrying out your wishes in accordance with trust provision.  This involves legal interpretation of the language in the document, appropriate input from family members, as well as conformity with valid and applicable state trust codes. Experienced and unbiased trust administration is an essential component of implementing your plan. Kruse Law, P.A. provides outstanding, practical, and sound legal advice to the successor trustee during the administration of the trust.

Difference between Trust Administration and Probate services

Unlike a probate administration, a trust administration does not require court supervision.  However, when situations arise that may lead a trustee to desire legal counsel in the administration and/or termination of a trust, our experienced attorneys will guide the trustee through the process to secure the best outcome for the beneficiaries and ensure that the trustee is administering the trust in accordance with his or her fiduciary duty.  

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