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What Should I Consider When Writing a Will?

Writing a will is a critical step in estate planning that allows you to articulate your wishes regarding the distribution of your assets after your passing. It ensures that your loved ones are provided for and that your estate is managed according to your preferences.

What are the Key Strategies for Estate Planning?

Everyone should plan for the future to protect their loved ones, their property, and themselves. At Kruse Law, Denyse Kruse helps identify unique solutions for each client’s individual situation and tailor estate plans to your objectives and concerns.

How Lawyers Help Solve Inheritance Disputes

Any type of will contest is costly and time-consuming. Hiring an experienced estate planner to create your will can greatly reduce the likelihood that such claim will be advanced.

How Do I Choose a Trustee?

The best trustee for your revocable trust is someone in whose honesty and reliability you have complete confidence; you can choose a family member, an attorney, a corporate trustee, or even yourself.

What Conditions Can You Legally Place on a Trust?

The grantor of a trust generally has the right to place conditions on what beneficiaries must do to begin receiving bequests or to continue receiving them, but the court will not enforce these conditions if they are illegal, unconscionable, or unfairly restrictive.

What Documents Do I Need When Estate Planning?

An effective estate plan should include your will, a durable power of attorney to designate authority over your finances, designation of Health care Surrogate and living will declaration

Who Gets a Copy of My Will After I Pass Away?

The personal representative usually sends a copy of the will to each of the people or entities mentioned in it, but Florida law allows anyone who wants a copy of a will to request one from the court.

Do I Need an Estate Plan if I Still Live at Home With My Family?

Every adult needs an estate plan, even those living in multigenerational households; even if you do not own any assets in your own name, you still need to specify your wishes about who will care for your minor children and about the final disposition of your remains.

What is a POA and Why Do I Need One?

A power of attorney is a document that allows someone else to make financial or medical decisions on your behalf; a POA is an important part of your estate plan because it enables you to provide for your care if you become seriously ill.

Why is a Revocable Trust Important?

You have probably heard of wealthy people getting allowances from trust funds set up by their parents or grandparents, and if that is the only context in which you have heard of them, you might easily get the impression that you will never be able to afford one. In fact, you do not have to be rich to set up a trust.

What are Common Uses for Trusts?

You might associate trusts with trust fund babies, but many beneficiaries of trusts had already reached retirement age by the time the trust was established. Some people even establish trusts and list themselves as beneficiaries.

Have You Properly Funded Your Revocable Trust in Florida?

Establishing a revocable trust, also known as a living trust, is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to pass assets to your heirs after your death without the assets having to go through probate. A revocable trust can be ideal to avoid a guardianship to manage assets for a minor child, or to provide...