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The language that you use in a will is incredibly important. Each word and term must be very carefully chosen because a court will only look at what is in the will. If there are any ambiguities, it could delay settling the estate and plunge your family into litigation. Thankfully, you can avoid these problems ahead of time when you enlist the help of a wills tusts and estates attorney.

Why a DIY Will Is Not Always the Best Idea

Many people try to save money by trying to do their will on their own. However, using off-the-shelf forms that you find on a website could cost you far more money than you save. Here is why you need a wills attorney:

If you are reading this page, chances are that you understand the importance of a will. Without one, your assets would end up being divided by the court, and your wishes may not matter. However, a poorly drafted will could have the same effect.

Common Causes of Will Contests

While having a will minimizes the chances of litigation, it does not always ensure a smooth process in probate court. There are times when you or a family member contests the will. Some common reason for will contests include:

A properly planned, drafted, and executed estate plan can dramatically reduce the possibility of a will contest.

Experienced St. Petersburg Will Attorney

Contacting a will and estate lawyer is a phone call you will not regret. On the other hand, not having a will is a recipe for disaster. Kruse Law can help you plan ahead. Contact us online or call us today at (727) 256-4860 to get started with the process.