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Telling clients that not having an estate plan in place could result in significant consequences is not just a tactic that lawyers use to scare clients into hiring them. Over the course of her career, Denyse D. Kruse has repeatedly seen costs, stress, and lawsuits that could have been avoided if people had a well-designed estate plan. This is why you should start now, no matter how far out you think you are from needing it. The truth is that you never quite know when your estate plan will help you. Estate planning is not just about money, and it is not just about what will happen to your money after you die. It is also about specifying your wishes clearly, so that when other people have to make decisions on your behalf, the people who make those decisions are the people whom you trust the most. It is important to plan carefully enough so that you do not put your family members in situations where they have to guess what you would have wanted and where compromises are impossible. Estate planning is also about giving yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Necessary Parts of Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is about far more than a will. Of course, a will is a large part of things, but an estate plan could also include the following:

Why You Should Begin an Estate Plan Early

Denyse D. Kruse recommends that families start working on an estate plan early. Here are some reasons why you should always have an estate plan in place:

Once you have an estate plan in place, it is only the beginning of the process. Things change in life. People’s situations could evolve in life, and circumstances evolve. Therefore, you should periodically review your estate plan and make changes as necessary. Estate plans can become outdated over time.

Sitting down with an attorney could help sharpen your focus on your goals. Then, an estate planning lawyer would explain the legal options available to you to accomplish those goals.

Once you have your estate plan, it is critical to get things right. Any errors in drafting a key document could mean that it is ineffective when you need it. This is why a DIY estate plan could be counterproductive. It is better to obtain the expertise of an experienced attorney than to leave things to chance.

How Your Estate Planning Lawyer Will Help

You could count on an estate planning attorney to do the following:

Getting started on an estate plan is not easy. The process can be confusing, and many people hesitate when it comes to dealing with their own mortality. However, you should not let that stop you.

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