Importance of Health Care Surrogates

A Health Care Surrogate Designation gives one or more persons the authority to speak with doctors and other healthcare workers on your behalf. This document allows your surrogates to make specified decisions for you regarding your medical care in the event that you are unable to communicate your wishes. If you do not have Health Care Surrogate Designation, your family and loved ones may validly be denied information regarding your health and treatment at a critical time in your life.
Designating your surrogates requires careful thought. You will want to choose individuals who are reliable, familiar with your health matters, and who will carry out your wishes. Kruse Law, P.A. will help guide you through the difficult process of electing the right persons to serve as your surrogate(s).

How Living Will Works

A Living Will Declaration names one or more surrogates or agents, in order of preference, to direct life-sustaining measures (such as life support) to be withdrawn or withheld if you are in a persistent vegetative state, end-stage condition, or terminal condition, and when there is no reasonable medical probability of your recovery.

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